Autism Awareness Month

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Autism Awareness Month

Salutations Everyone!

It has absolutely been a while (more like forever)! I hope you all are feeling blessed these days!

Anyway, did you guys know that April is Autism Awareness Month? Did you know that Saturday April 2nd, 2016 was World Autism Awareness Day? I’m going to be truthful, yet ashamed, and say that I honestly did not know any of this; one of my FB friends, Tanya S., made me aware of this.

It’s amazing how oblivious one can be about certain things when it is not a part of their reality. I have come to realize that the level of knowledge of autism is in depth for some of my friends because it is a part of their reality as they have children who battle with this disorder.

I can say that I’ve witnessed people with children, who struggled to meet their developmental milestones, later find out that their child has autism; the parents that I know were devastated by this news… :(

I’m not saying that I’ve never heard about autism, I’m just saying that I don’t know enough…

So during this month, Autism Awareness Month, I would like to increase my awareness of autism… I will take you with me on my journey, and I will post weekly about autism for the month of April.

Feel free to send me any info you have about autism.  If your life has been affected by autism in some way, I would love to hear from you! Are you a parent who has a child who has autism and you would like to share your experience with other people coping with the disorder or if you just want to send words of encouragement to other individuals who have children with autism? Get in touch with me! Send messages to me through my LE Facebook account, or email me at

I’m looking forward to hearing from you guys!

Have an awesome week!

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